Mask Care.

Thanks so much for your recent purchase with us! 

We would like to take this opportunity to highlight some simple care and handling tips for our masks.

  • When you receive your mask, hand wash it before wearing.
  • Lay flat to dry.
  • Follow the 6 simple steps in our fitting guide below.
  • After daily use, hand wash mask or machine wash inside a mesh laundry bag. 
  • Lay flat to dry.

We thank you again for your order with us. 

Following these simple steps will allow you to achieve comfortable fit and hide the elastic ends to finish your look. 

Fitting and Finishing

Step 1.

Lay the mask flat with ties extending.

Step 2.

LOOSELY tie each elastic end and fit to face. Readjust if necessary.

Step 3.

Tighten knot after you have found your comfortable fit.

Step 4.

Trim elastic 1 cm from knot.

Step 5. 

Feed the knot into the seam pulling gently on the other end.

Step 6.

Position knot in middle of seam.